World Communication Forum in Davos – EN

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World Communication Forum in Davos, Switzerland, will hold its 7th edition on 8-9 March, 2016. Communication professionals from all over the world will again get together to discuss the key trends in the field of global communications.

The programme provides a diversified content and publicity opportunities for experts with out-of-the-box vision for the future of the industry. The participants will find out how to add meaning, integrate interests and reach a growing influence in multinational brands, how to engage the globe with city storytelling, how to manage crisis periods on the social media, and much more. Some of the WCFDavos controversial topics are: Communications in the Arab world; From digital evolution to robot revolution – humanity, communications, ethics; Quantity or quality – what is your social media top priority?; Revolutionizing communications – seeing them a mission, rather than as a service, etc.

Among the speakers and moderators of the plenary panels are leading experts, such as:
Mustapha Khalfi, Minister of Communications and Spokesperson of the Government of Morocco
Roman Vassilenko, Chairman of the Committee for International Information in Kazakhstan
Dmytro Kuleba, Ambassador for Strategic Communications Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
Scott Fahlman, Research Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, “Father” of the smiley emoticon
Tanuja Kehar, Vice President Corporate Communications at Unitech in India
Solly Moeng, Managing Director of Don Valley in South Africa
Sean Gardner, co-Founder of the pioneering Huffington Post “Twitter Powerhouses Series”
Don Anderson, Chairman of ACMA, Regional Managing Director of We Are Social in Singapore
Maxim Behar, Chairman of H+K Strategies in Prague, CEO of M3 Communication Group in Bulgaria
Saurabh Uboweja, Founder, CEO & Director Brand Strategy at Brands of Desire
Dr. Enric Ordei, Ramon Llull University (Barcelona-Catalonia), VP of the GlobCom Institute
Jamie Vernon, Editor-in-Chief at “American Scientist”, Director Science Publications at Sigma Xi
Franky Saegerman, Head Digital Insights, NATO headquarters in Belgium

Traditionally, WCFDavos holds the Communications for Future (C4F) Davos Award. However, this time it offers up to 23 categories for recognition of remarkable creativity and unique vision of the future of communications, in two major groups of awards: Personal (individual communicators with a strong influence on global communications) and Corporate (companies setting the standards for effectiveness & professionalism).

Join the event to experience the exciting new communication world’s diversity!

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