aims to foster widespread diffusion of beneficial networks among PR professionals, companies and institutions to generate cultural, tangible and moral value.

An association can be a fundamental resource when it is effective in maintaining the shared values of its associates and achieving common goals.
At the core of PR Hub are clear values and objectives shared by its members:

  • TRANSPARENCY: an open community of solidarity, enabling two-way exchange between members
  • ETHICS: corporate practices and communication activities that adhere to precise policies and uphold high standards, encouraging social responsibility of member organizations and clients and prohibiting the use of falsified data, in order to preserve the ethical reputation and values of the PR industry
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: the programming of interdisciplinary and integrated training courses that enrich individual members and strengthen the assets of the group as a whole
  • COMPETITION: the development of specific projects in which members are personally and fully engaged, raising the bar for individual corporate goals and rendering even the most complex projects possible
  • GLOBALIZATION: a focus on international relations, inspiring Italian companies in the industry to look beyond national borders, even given the distinct and exceptional nature of their own culture