The following manifesto does not suggest who we intend to be, but rather defines who we are as public relations professionals and communication strategists in support of executives, businesses and institutional professionals.

Thus, for the benefit of the group as whole, we declare the following:

  • PR Hub was founded with the purpose of asserting the importance, ethical nature and significant strategic and social value of the public relations field. PR Hub is fully dedicated to creating a culture around corporate and institutional communication and its inherent professionals, demonstrating to those involved the strategic value of our profession and instilling in members the fundamental role of professional development.
  • PR Hub is committed to carrying out communication activity that responds to a specific strategy. Such activity will be conducted in an acknowledged, sustainable and organized manner and with ethically sound and transparent methods that allow for the creation of a meaningful, mutually beneficial and equal relationship among stakeholders and the public believed capable of facilitating and/or hindering the achievement of pursued goals.
  • PR Hub embodies the ethical standards of the communication consulting field, which prohibits the distribution of falsified or unreliable information and news; for example, the communication of incorrect or illegitimate research, as well as the use of unapproved sources or methods.
  • PR Hub encourages corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, committed to avoiding the exploitation of work in any form and maintaining among its employees, consultants and collaborators a relationship based on mutual respect and upheld commitments.
  • PR Hub aims to foster widespread diffusion of valuable networks of business professionals, managers, thought leaders, academics and good-willed individuals that are looking to connect with each other and the global community to exchange ideas, knowledge, opportunities and resources, all with the common goal of creating shared value in the world that is cultural, spiritual and tangible in form.
  • PR Hub seeks to design and establish once and for all a clear professional symbol of the public relations field, on both a national and international level. The symbol will no longer be reflective of Anglo-Saxon communication cultures, but will instead be able to detect new trends and innovations based on the originality and distinctiveness of its domestic culture. To that effect, the platform proposes a moderate use of Anglo-Saxon expressions (preferably limited to the essential language of marketing), favoring the most accurate, appropriate and opportune use of the Italian language and expressions in Italy—home to 65% of the world’s artistic and cultural works.
  • PR Hub implements working methods with the primary objective of maintaining a qualitative standard capable of satisfying clientele. This includes, most importantly, “customized” consulting measures in order to maintain client reputation, regardless of the agreed service fees, and to guarantee an increased perception of quality directed toward the PR consulting field.
  • PR Hub proposes the adoption of new analytic models and strategic approaches to communication and the measurement of results in order to contribute to the financial assessment of investments made in the sector and to guarantee the establishment of a reasonable price for the consulting services proposed by associated members.