is a new participatory platform for Public Relations and Communication firms, serving as an aggregator and point of reference for all PR and communication agencies in Italy.

We are PR professionals, responsible for curating the communication strategies that support executives, businesses and professionals of institutions. Together, we constitute a valuable, modern and dynamic network capable of maintaining the ethical, social and strategic value of our work.

The active, integrated platform will facilitate structured and multifaceted interaction between companies and professionals, showcasing members’ experience and rendering even the most ambitious projects possible.

Inside PR Hub, the internal network of Assocom (Assocation of Comunication Agencies), one’s assets are available to all, as the individualistic notion of industry competition is a concept of the past. Today, “to compete” means to progress together, cultivating and developing new opportunities in Italy and the rest of the global community.

The PR Hub platform fosters collaborative intelligence and knowledge exchange among all members and clients, facilitating content creation, strategy building and effective execution of complex procedures